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Our heating and cooling systems provide us with the cool air, warm heat, and overall comfort that we need during all seasons, which is why we understand how stressful it can be when these systems fail us. Luckily, some of the most common HVAC issues can be avoided with preventative maintenance and knowledge of the signs of a malfunctioning HVAC system. At Swick Home Services, we are your partners for a comfortable and healthy home. As the top-rated heating and cooling company in the Marquette area, we’re there to offer assistance when you need it most.

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How to Tell If Your HVAC System Needs Repairs

Aside from the obvious signs of malfunction, such as the absence of heat from your heater or no cool air from your AC, there are a few other ways to tell it’s time for HVAC repair services. These signs include but are not limited to:

  • Temperature Fluctuations: If you find that you are constantly having difficulty maintaining set temperatures in your home, that may be a sign that your heating or AC system can no longer support your home’s demands or that there is an interior malfunction, causing it to work harder than usual.
  • Odd Smells: Your HVAC system should never be causing an unpleasant smell in your home, so if one is present that is a telltale sign that your heater or AC unit is malfunctioning. A mildew smell could indicate that a leak is present while a rotten egg-like smell means that you have a gas leak. If you notice any unusual smells, call your trusted HVAC contractors right away.
  • Strange Noises: Most heating and cooling systems are designed to run as quietly as possible without disturbing your daily life. So if your systems begin generating loud noises such as grinding, squealing, etc., that is usually a sign that something is going wrong with interior components. To avoid further damage, contact a professional heating and cooling company as soon as you notice the sounds.
  • Broken Thermostat: A lot of times, homeowners think their HVAC systems are broken when it is in fact, their thermostat. Faulty thermostats can cause temperatures to fluctuate and cause you to think your system isn’t doing its job.
  • High Energy Bill: One of the surest ways to know your HVAC system isn’t operating properly is a sudden spike in your energy bills. Broken HVAC systems consume more energy than normally necessary just to continue heating and cooling your home.

Anytime your heating and cooling systems are struggling to keep you comfortable, it’s time to call for help. The faster you get a professional inspection of your air conditioner or heating system, the quicker you can restore comfort to your home.

How Ongoing Maintenance Can Protect Your Systems

Maintenance is essential to keeping any system up and running and your HVAC system is no exception. Our heating and cooling systems are made up of many components and no matter what the manufacturer promises, malfunctions are bound to happen. In order to protect your systems from failing, routine maintenance is not only recommended but absolutely necessary.

Maintenance services have many benefits such as lower energy bills, fewer repairs, longer life, and lower chance of a breakdown. Best of all, it costs a fraction of the expense of a major emergency repair or the cost of a new system.

Looking for help with your ongoing heating maintenance needs? We can schedule routine inspections and upkeep well in advance, taking the guessing out of heating maintenance services.

Why Work With Our HVAC Pros?

Our heating and cooling contractors here at Swick Home Services are trained and equipped to cater to all of your home’s HVAC needs. Whether you need an AC repair, a heater replacement, or all of the above, our knowledgeable experts provide long lasting solutions with flat-rate pricing and 24-hour customer support.

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