It’s easy to be cynical out there. Too easy. But it’s a new year and a fresh start. The challenges are still there, but perhaps if we notice and celebrate the small things, we can brighten all of our days.

We would like to propose a fun giveaway that we hope everyone can get behind. We have called it #kindnessdoesntcost.

When you see an act of kindness, a good deed, or just a neighbor helping a neighbor, tell us about it!

Just go to this page on our website and nominate the person/event.

Once a week, we will take a look at the stories, share some of them online, and pick a winner.

The ‘prize’ will vary from week to week: a gift card to lunch, a tool, a plant – but most of all, we will all get the chance to take note, notice, and thank that person for being part of the fabric of what makes this place such a great place to live!

Thank you for sharing your kind experiences with us. We look forward to reading all of your stories!