Gas Fireplace Services in Marquette

If you’re using electricity to heat your home, consider a gas fireplace installation. Contact Superior Stoves and Fireplaces for more information.

Gas fireplaces give you the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning fireplace, but with more convenience and less hassle. If you want to improve your home’s heating capacity, and add value, consider a gas fireplace installation. And, if you already have a gas fireplace, and need repairs or service, you can rely on the experts at Superior Stoves and Fireplaces.

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Benefits to a Gas Fireplace

Maybe you have a wood-burning fireplace or are considering installing one. Before you make any changes, look over the benefits gas fireplaces have over their wood-burning counterparts.

  • Looks - Many people opt for wood-burning fireplaces because they offer a traditional look and rustic visual appeal. It’s a common belief that gas fireplaces look fake and cheap. While it’s true that some gas fireplaces are lacking in the visual departments, many newer models are indistinguishable from wood fireplaces by looking at them.
  • Saves Time & Money - It’s true that wood fireplaces are more ‘natural’ than the gas varieties; however, gas fireplaces save time and money by not having to deal with getting firewood. Natural gas is relatively inexpensive, and can save you money on your energy bills versus the high cost of wood.
  • They’re Safer - Consider the risk factors that come with wood-burning fireplaces, especially if you have young children or pets. Even if you add a screen, it doesn’t guarantee they’re fully protected. Also, fire screens don’t reduce the amount of smoke that comes with wood burning, and these pollutants can trigger attacks associated with breathing issues like asthma. Gas fireplaces are by far safer than wood-burning ones.
  • Easier to Operate - With gas logs, there’s no trouble or hassle getting a fire going. Homeowners can light gas logs with a match or at the touch of a button. Also, gas fireplaces require less cleaning and maintenance than wood-burning, which saves you time.

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How to Maintain a Gas Fireplace

While gas fireplaces require less maintenance and work than wood-burning fireplaces, there are still some things to watch for to ensure they’re operating efficiently and safely.

  • Clean the Doors - If your fireplace has glass doors, you must clean them regularly.
  • Clean the Interior - You can use the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris that build up.
  • Clean the Logs - Gas logs don’t require much cleaning, but be on the lookout for soot and discoloration. Follow the owners’ manual to learn which cleaning method is best for your setup.
  • Call a Pro - Once a year, call a professional gas fireplace technician for inspection and service to ensure your system is ready to go once winter arrives.

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Common Gas Fireplace Issues

As mentioned, gas fireplaces are a great and convenient alternative to wood-burning fireplaces, but sometimes, things go wrong. Here are the most common problems people have with gas fireplaces.

  • No Ignition - If you don’t smell gas and have no ignition, the problem could be as simple as a closed gas valve. A leak in the main gas line could also be the culprit, so call in a pro to be sure.
  • Unusual Smells - It’s easy to panic when you have gas appliances and notice an unusual smell. However, before you call for help, it’s common for gas fireplaces to emit odors from dust, dirt, and pet dander.
  • Soot - If your fireplace lacks airflow, it might cause soot to build up. The solution is to reduce the flow of gas and increase the flow of air.
  • No Pilot Light - A fireplace is like any other gas appliance in that there’s a chance the pilot light can go out. If this happens to you, check out the users’ manual to find out how to safely re-ignite it.

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