Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Marquette

Do you have issues with your sewer line? Get accurate services with a sewer camera inspection from Swick Home Services your Marquette plumbing pros.

One of the most devastating problems that can happen to a homeowner is a problem with the sewer line. Whether that’s a backup or a water leak, both situations can pump contaminated water into and around your home. That’s why we take sewer inspections very serious at Swick Home Services. One of our most popular types of sewer inspection services is our sewer camera inspection services. This unique service allows our plumbing contractors to get an inside look at the health of your sewer lines, while also getting accurate solutions, ensuring a long-term repair to your sewer issues.

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How Are Sewer Camera Inspections Done?

Sewer camera inspections are done by taking a cable and attaching a flexible and tiny sewer camera to it. The plumber will then feed this into a sewer pipe until it reaches the break or the clog. The camera will then record the line’s depth and physical location from up above, so the plumber knows where the blockage’s located and the work that they need to do in order to fix the problem.

At Swick Home Services, we use the best tools and methods to get accurate results. When you opt for our sewer line inspections, our plumbers will show you exactly what you’re dealing with in your system before starting work.

Why Should You Opt for Sewer Camera Inspection?

If you’re having an issue with your sewer line, you want the issue to be fixed quickly and correctly. There are many reasons why a sewer camera inspection is the best choice, including:

  • You’ll Get the Best Fix - When you have a blockage in your sewer line, there are many different options for repairs. Locating and identifying the problem in the sewer line will let our plumbers use the best solution.
  • The Repair is Done Right the Very First Time - A lot of plumbers who don’t use sewer line cameras do their best at guessing where the issue is. This often leads to further issues down the road, instead of a fix that’s done the first time we come to your home.
  • You’ll Know How to Prevent Further Blockages - If the blockage in your sewer line was due to bad habits, like flushing things you aren’t supposed to, you’ll know what you can do to stop it from happening again.
  • You Can See the Blockage - When you’re going to spend a lot of money on something, especially on a fix, you want to know that you aren’t being ripped off. That’s why sewer camera inspections are a great choice. You’ll be able to see the problems on your own, so you know that you’re not being overcharged.

At Swick Home Services, we take pride in offering our customers accurate and effective solutions. With our sewer video camera inspection tools, we can provide you a long-term solution to your sewer issues!

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Benefits of Working With Our Team

There are a lot of companies that you can choose from. So why should you work with our experts at Swick Home Services? When you choose our staff, you’re getting experts that are the best in and around the Marquette area. Not only are we experienced in plumbing repairs, but also we undergo frequent training to ensure the services we offer today, will last long after we’ve left your home. Add in our affordable rates and personalized solution, and you have a top-quality service that guarantees your 100% satisfaction.

When you need accurate sewer line services, give us a call at (906) 228-3400. Using our sewer camera inspection, we can provide you with pinpoint accurate repairs.