Wood Fireplace Services in Marquette

Old Man Winter will be here before you know it. Be ready! Call us for our wood fireplace repair or installation service.

Here in Marquette, MI, residents know how brutal winters can be. With temperatures plummeting well below zero, it’s vital to have adequate heat in the home. Even if you have a central HVAC system, a wood fireplace is a perfect way to keep warm, save energy, and take the load off your furnace. Call for your appointment today.

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Fireplace Benefits

Many Marquette residents recognize natural heat as the primary benefit of owning a wood-burning fireplace, but there are many more to consider.

  • Room Focal Point - A fireplace provides a focal point for the room and makes it the center of attention, ideal for a get-together.
  • Heat During Power Outages - If you rely on electricity for your home’s heat, having a wood-burning fireplace is perfect for keeping your family warm and comfortable during power outages.
  • Adds Value - If you ever decide to sell your home, a fireplace raises the value and is more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Reduced Energy Bills - If you rely on gas or electricity to heat your home during winter, burning wood takes the stress off those systems and saves you money on your heating bills.

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Common Signs You Need Fireplace Repair

While the average wood fireplace isn’t a complex machine like your furnace, it doesn’t mean it’ll operate forever free from problems. Although it lacks moving parts, there’s still plenty of issues that can arise. Below are the most common signs you need fireplace repair or replacement.

  • Smoke in the House - If your house fills with smoke when operating your fireplace, it could be the result of human error or something more seriously wrong with the fireplace.
  • Visible Cracks - If you see cracks anywhere around the hearth or fireplace, call in a professional who has the experience and knows which materials are best to fix it.

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How to Maintain Your Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces don’t just add warmth to your home; they add beauty, ambiance, and value. To ensure your wood fireplace gives you the best service year after year, follow these easy maintenance tips.

  • Clean the Inside - Wood burning in the fireplace causes deposits and buildup such as dirt, dust, ash, and creosote. To ensure your fireplace looks and functions correctly, clean the interior regularly. Remember that failing to clean the fireplace puts your family at risk of fire.
  • Install Heat Proof Glass - Keeping your family safe is more important than keeping warm. Installing heat-proof glass and a blower provides protection by ensuring burning embers and dust particles can’t get into the house. Also, fireplace glass doors protect against injury to pets and young children. Blower fans make your fireplace more efficient by circulating the heat.
  • Be Mindful of The Wood - To ensure your fireplace burns efficiently, know which type of wood is best. There are various woods at various price points, but the cost doesn’t always coincide with quality. Experts agree that the best wood to burn is hardwood, such as oak, birch, and ash, because they burn hotter and longer. They also have less sap and pitch, which reduces the buildup of creosote.
  • Check the Cap - Many chimneys have caps on them to keep out critters and debris; however, dust and dirt can build up around the cover and decrease the fireplace’s efficiency. Check the cap regularly and clean it if needed.
  • Call a Pro for Inspection & Maintenance - Besides performing routine maintenance yourself, it’s wise to call a pro once a year to inspect the fireplace to ensure it’s in good condition and prepare it for winter.

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