Radiant Heating Installation Services in Marquette

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As a homeowner, deciding on the different options to heat your home is an important decision. If you are in the market for an upgrade, radiant heating can be the best option. Radiant heating has become increasingly popular in the last decade, though its origins stretch as far back as the Roman Empire. With modern technology to thank, radiant heating installation has become not only popular but easily attainable for the average homeowner. At Swick Home Services, we are your radiant heating experts in the Marquette area. From designing your new system to performing all the installation work, you can count on us for a seamless road to a warmer and more comfortable home!

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What Is Radiant Heating?

Even though radiant heating has become increasingly popular, many people are still not familiar with it, and how it works. Radiant heating works by supplying warmth directly to the floor, walls, or ceiling. Instead of pumping out hot air, like traditional furnaces and heaters, radiant heating works by infrared radiation. This is the same concept as a hot burner on your stove heating a room.

The most common radiant heating is underfloor radiant heating. Though they are categorized together, radiant floor heating works differently than wall panel radiant heating. The way radiant floor heating works is with the natural rise of heat. As the heat from the floor rises, it warms the room. There are three basic types of radiant floor heating; radiant air floors, electric, and hot water (hydronic) radiant floors.

What Are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

The reason for the increased popularity of radiant heating in recent years is due to the many benefits associated with the system. To give you a general idea, some of the top perks you can expect to enjoy in your home include:

  • Energy Efficiency - Radiant heating is far more efficient than baseboard of forced hot air heating systems. Hydronic systems are also able to use a wide variety of energy sources including gas, oil, and solar power.
  • Allergies - People with allergies, or respiratory difficulties, opt for radiant heating as it does not circulate any dust, dander, or allergens in the air.
  • Cost Efficiency - Hot water (hydronic) radiant flooring uses very little electricity to operate. This can save a great deal on your electric bill. Radiant heating in general will actually save you approximately 15% on your heating costs.
  • Works with all floors - Radiant floor heating works with pretty much all floor coverings. This gives you endless possibilities to design your home. Where you also do not have radiators or vents to be careful of, radiant heating allows you more space and creativity when decorating your living space.
  • Safety - Unlike radiators that can become extremely hot, radiant heating makes the dangers of burns obsolete. This is particularly important for families with young children at home.
  • Easy to install - Radiant floor heating (and radiant heating in general) is easier to install than you think. Radiant heating is usually included in new home designs or renovations, but it can be added to your current home with little inconvenience to your daily routine.

At Swick Home Services, we can design and install your entire system, ensuring you have the heat you need for those cold Marquette winters.

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Time to Call the Experts at Swick!

In order to get the most benefit from your radiant heating installation, it’s best to call the experts! Though DIY radiant floor heating can be tempting, having a professional walk you through the procedure, and be available for repairs, will give you peace of mind.

At Swick Home Services, we bring over 40 years of experience to the table. We understand the intricacies of radiant heating installation and can provide you with a top-quality experience that not only ensures you have heat but also eliminates the risk for issues like electrical failures or water leaks.

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