Water Softener Installation Services in Marquette

Done with hard water? Let Swick Home Services come to the rescue with top-rated water softener installation services in Marquette.

There are many problems associated with being a homeowner. Keeping up with bills, your yard, construction, improvements, etc is enough to keep anyone busy. This is why hard water is often unaddressed until you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency. Luckily, our modern technology has given us a solution! Whole house water softener systems are gaining more and more popularity because of their effectiveness and ease of use. At Swick Home Services, we can help you with the entire installation process, making clean and soft water a real possibility for your Marquette home.

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Do You Have Hard Water?

There are many signs that you can look for that indicate you have hard water running through your home. Chances are, however, these are things you have already noticed; but you may have missed a few that are just as problematic:

  • Hard Water Stains - One of the most common signs of hard water is the white scaly buildup around your faucets and bathroom/kitchen fixtures. The stains are caused by mineral build up in your hard water. Removing these stains can be difficult at best.
  • Soap That Doesn’t Lather - If you have noticed that your shampoo and soap is not lathering the way it should, chances are you have hard water. You may also notice dull and itchy skin from hard water.
  • Odd Tasting Tap Water - The mineral buildup in your tap water may cause it to taste funny. Usually, it will have a metallic taste from the buildup of iron in your water pipes.
  • Low Water Pressure - Another common side effect of hard water is low water pressure. Again, this is due to the mineral buildup in your pipes that causes the flow of water to be restricted.
  • Worn Down Appliances - Hard water buildup is not just confined to your water pipes; it can build up in your appliances as well. Things like your dishwasher, washing machine, and even your coffee maker can be affected. As the minerals build up in these machines, it can cause valves and other components to malfunction.

While many of these issues can go diagnosed, once you start to notice them, it’s important to get immediate attention from an experienced plumber. What starts as small stains can easily escalate into scale buildup, which is a huge issue for any plumbing system.

How Can a Water Softener Help?

With all the issue’s hard water can cause, installing a water softener becomes more and more appealing. Whole house water softeners will assure the homeowner that all of their water pipes, appliances, and drinking water are protected from mineral buildup. So how do they work, right?

The standard whole house water softeners essentially work by using salt to “soften” the water. In the most basic terms, a whole house water softener uses a tank to filter in the “hard” water. Inside the tank, there are resin beads which have a negative electrical charge which in turn attracts the positive electrical charges in the “hard” water. A side effect of the attraction is sodium (salt).

Basically, the resin beads take the “hard” minerals and replace them with “soft” minerals. The softened water is then pushed through the tank and dispersed throughout your home.

Has hard water already taken a toll on your water heater? Be sure to ask our staff how an upgrade can help you save money.

Installing a Whole House Water Softener System

Installing a whole house water softener system can be done quickly and with little disruption to your life. Though there are several types of systems to choose from, the process is basically painless. At Swick Home Services, we offer 24/7 emergency service and support. We also offer free project estimates and upfront pricing, making the entire process simple and painless. With our help, you can enjoy clean water in your Marquette home in no time!

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