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During the summer, you count on your air conditioning to keep you cool and during the winter you count on your heater to keep you warm. When either of these systems stops working or needs repair, you want a company that you can count on to keep you comfortable. You want a company who is not just an emergency heating company but one that can take care of AC maintenance and tune-up, as well as new system installations. At Swick Home Services, we are your reliable Negaunee HVAC contractors. With over 40 years of experience, you can count on us for reliable and long-lasting care.

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Signs Your AC Needs Repair

Your air conditioning is what keeps you nice and cool during the summer. But there are times when your system may stop working at its best. When this is the case, it’s important to get expert AC repairs. Common indicators include:

  • The Unit Blows Hot Air – If your AC is blowing hot air, your compressor might be broken. It also could mean your refrigerant is leaking. These are two easy fixes, but you want to call a professional.
  • There’s Moisture Around Your AC – If you’re noticing leaks or moisture around the AC unit, it’s usually something minor. It’s not an emergency, but you’ll want to have it fixed.
  • It’s Making Weird Sounds – The AC should run pretty quietly. What you’re going to notice is sounds from its motor. It should not sound like grating, grounding, squealing or any other types of loud sounds.
  • It Smells Weird – A pungent, strong smell might indicate the system’s wire insulation has been burned, which will need replacing. If you are smelling something musty, it means that you have mold and it can affect your health.

While many of these issues can be resolved with AC repair services, if your system is beyond repair, we can help. At Swick Home Services, we are your reliable AC installation company, offering long-term solutions to your cooling needs without breaking the bank.

Signs You Have a Heating Emergency

When it’s cold out, you want to be nice and toasty warm. But there are some heating emergencies that go far beyond being cold in the wintertime. You may be on the cusp of a heating emergency if you notice any of the following.

  • You Smell Heating Fuel: If you’re smelling heating oil or natural gas, there may be a leak. Gas and heating oil leaks can cause your system to malfunction and require immediate attention.
  • You’re Hearing Loud Noises: Noises that are coming from your boiler or furnace shouldn’t ever be ignored. This can include rattling, squealing, or whistling, which can all be an indication that there’s a mechanical component loose inside your heating system.
  • Electrical Issues: If your furnace won’t turn on or trips fuses has a problem with its electrical system. Some other signs your heater’s causing problems with your electricity including dimming lights and wiring that appears to be burnt or corroded.

At Swick Home Services, we have the expertise to help get your heating system back in working order. Because temperatures can drop drastically in the winter, it’s important to keep up with your maintenance and repair needs.

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Things to Look for in a Heating & Air Conditioning Company

If you’re new to the area and you’re looking for a new company to take care of your heating and cooling emergencies in the Negaunee area, it’s important to choose a company that cares. At Swick Home Services, we’ve been helping homeowners since 1977. Since then, our skills have continued to improve as have our methods, but our number one priority has always remained the same, providing customers with the very best care.

Whether you need help improving your air quality or you’re facing a complete emergency situation, our HVAC contractors are here to help you with all your heating and cooling needs.

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