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Our Indoor Lights Matter


Just about everyone and everything on our planet is affected by light. The sun is nature’s natural light source that allows us to see and keeps us on a natural schedule of being asleep and awake. Indoor lighting has also come to be a very important aspect of our modern lives.

Light has many biological and psychological effects on us. Light can improve our mood and boost productivity. It can help with cognition, well being, and even our sleep patterns. All of these things are affected by light. Though the days of candlelight to see are gone, we still place a lot of importance on the kind of light we use in our homes.

Why Color is Important

One important aspect of having light in your home is the ability to see the different colors we surround ourselves with. In this area everyone is different. Some like natural earthy tones, while others like bright tones. Depending on your taste, you can surround yourself with any (or all) of the colors of the rainbow.

If you take your personal taste out of the equation, colors can have different effects on our moods, emotions, and feelings. Some people argue that this can also vary depending on who you are as a person and the circumstances you are in at that time. Generally speaking though, these are the moods associated with colors:

  • Red-love & excitement
  • Blue-calmness & sadness
  • Yellow-happiness & energy
  • Green-envy
  • Orange-enthusiasm
  • Pink-kindness
  • Black-unhappiness
  • White-innocence

It is also thought that color can have an effect on your blood pressure, metabolism, and overall health. Different shades of a color can also make a difference; so the lighting you choose in your home could potentially have a big impact on how you feel!

Flickering Lights


Flickering lights may be one of the most annoying things in your home. However, as annoying as it can be, it can indicate a much larger problem that should be looked into right away!

There are several different reasons why your lights are flickering. It can be a simple issue like a loose light bulb or a heavy electrical demand in your area. On the other hand, there can be more serious issues like a circuit problem or a failing breaker switch.

Unless it is a very simple issue, it can be difficult to pinpoint the reason behind the flickering. If the problem persists (and it’s not a loose bulb), it is advisable to call in a professional for help. Electrical issues with your indoor lighting can be dangerous, but a licensed professional will be able to advise you!

Why a Light Dimmer?

Having the ability to dim your lights can be a huge benefit in your home. Many people opt for indoor lighting that has a dimmer, or they will install dimmers to their existing lighting fixtures. Most types of light bulbs and light fixtures can be converted to a dimmer system.

One big reason people prefer the option of a dimmer is that it saves energy and the life span of your bulbs. Other considerations include eye strain, better sleep, and mood. Some people also just prefer a darker environment, especially at night!

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